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Property Management for Owners and Landlords

Marketing Your Property for Lease:

We have a proven and effective marketing system that will procure quality tenants for your property. We utilize these systems to ensure we get the right people and work with the tenants and their needs to make sure you and your property is marketed properly and truthfully! We use a number of resources to do this, but here’s just a few of the things we do to market your property…

  • Zillow & Trulia
  • HotPads
  • Sign posts and signs (if allowed)
  • Broker Referral Program
  • Multiple Listing Service
  • More…

Finding and Qualifying Tenants:

A very important part of our business finding good tenants.  We execute a thorough background check to ensure the safety or you and your property, both physically and financially.  Likewise, you as a landlord, will review this data and make intelligent decisions as well.

  • Credit check to determine how individual handles their obligations
  • Employment verification
  • Civil search for evictions or litigation
  • Criminal search for felonies
  • Rental verification for previous 3-5 years

Once a quality tenant is secured, we begin by delivering the lease and the set of rules according to the property.  This will provide the tenant with enough information as to what to do and what NOT to do on your property.

The Lease and Rent Collection:

  • We supply the tenant with a Florida Association of Realtors standard lease.
  • This lease is very detailed and leaves little to question.
  • Any changes or additions will also be done on a lease addendum that references the original lease.
  • We will collect the deposits and initial rents and deliver them to the property owner as instructed.
  • We do not use our own monies or accounts to collect rent or deposits.
  • This will ensure that the monies will go straight from the tenant to the landlord.
  • We can utilize electronic payments systems, Bill Pay, or checks…whatever works for all parties.

Property Inspections and Maintenance:

  • We notify the tenant what is their responsibility and what is the landlord’s responsibility.
  • Regardless, things go wrong, and they will need to be addressed.
  • Tenants have strict rules not to repair or call a vendor for repairs over $100.
  • Those items will need approval from the landlord prior to anything being done.
  • The landlord ultimately decides how a repair or replacement of an issue is executed.
  • The tenant is given a ‘Property Condition Sheet’ at move-in.
  • This allows the tenant and landlord to know what issues are evident at move-in so they are not responsible for it on move-out.
  • Both the tenant and landlord sign this form at move-out to ensure a timely return of the deposit.
  • If any portion of the deposit is to be withheld due to repairs, etc., it will be noted on this form.
  • We then begin getting the property ready to market again, to the next tenant.

Management Fees:

Often we are asked what our fees are.  Simply put here’s the basic fees, but it also depends on the property and the services needed…

  • Tenant placement for 7 months or more = 1 months rent.
  • Tenant placement for more than 3 and less than 7 months = 10% of each month’s rent
  • Property management for absentee landlords = 10%-20% per month’s rent (property dependent)
  • These fees do not cover cost of goods or services of the property itself.
  • We can either do the work, but also utilize our professional vendors, with the written approval of the landlord.

We are happy to work with you and make sure you and your property are well taken care of.  Put your trust into us and we will surely see to it that your property and your finances there are well protected!